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Transforming Your Systems For The Better

The Process

Quite Laterally offer the services to set up and maintain solutions focussing on ERP, HCM, Adult and Children’s Social Care, Social Care finance and CRM systems from requirement gathering to Go-live.

We work with you to help define and understand your business objectives and how to approach their delivery as a transformation journey. We will then design a programme or project to enable them to be delivered, working closely with your experienced in-house teams as appropriate.


We will create a robust, full lifecycle plan including key milestones and deliverables for the project and if you would like us to, we can continue to support you through the various programme stages from business case development through to system implementation and benefits delivery.

Our specialists will work with you to manage the setup and migration of your chosen solution, to ensure it meets your specification of requirements.

We will define the most appropriate test strategy and resources to make sure the system meets the design specification is fit for purpose and aligns with your cloud-based strategy.


If required, we can offer a range of E-Learning solutions designed to your individual requirements.

What We Do

And How We Do It

Data Migration

Our data migration specialists will work with your legacy application and new applications to define detailed extract transformation and load routines to ensure that your critical legacy data is available in your new system. Where it is not possible to carry out an automated migration from all of your data sources, for example, you may have a number of paper-based records, we can provide manual data entry resources to complete your full migration.


Testing services can be provided to plan, manage and deliver testing of your new applications in the following areas. Functional testing such as Unit testing, System integration testing, User acceptance testing. We support you to carry out your own series of tests to satisfy yourselves that your new solution meets your specification of requirements. Non-functional testing, such as Service acceptance testing, Operational acceptance testing, Volumetric testing.


Training services are available to support your system implementation. We offer a bespoke E-learning package to deliver end-user training on your new system and processes. We also offer custom training to enable your in-house teams to play an increasing role in the implementation and support of your new systems. This will give them the skills they need to carry out further ‘phase 2’ implementations more independently. We also offer training on remote working collaboration tools and techniques to support projects who need to carry out implementations while primarily working remotely from each other and the main office premises.


Training services we offer include:

  ERP systems for consolidated Finance, HR, payroll and procurement

  Adult social care

  Children’s Social Care and Early Help services

  Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

  Microsoft collaboration and productivity tools such as MS Teams and Office 365


Specialist courses we offer:

  Delivering projects in the real world

  Leadership development training

Both courses are either available as a day courses in our Bewdley training suite or as a residential 3-day course in our outdoor adventure centre in West Wales


Once engaged, we arrange an initial session to ensure there is a clear and common understanding of the main objectives, scope, key constraints and initiate a governance model for the project defining clear roles and responsibilities.

Our team then help you to understand your high-level requirements and work with you to engage in a pre-market assessment to identify new ideas and approaches. It may be that your existing systems and processes just need a degree of improvement and updating, in which case there would be no need to go to market for replacements.

If you require a replacement system, then our business analysts will run workshops with your team to define a prioritised specification of requirements. Support your supplier evaluation and system selection.


Implementation in action:

  We provide a project team with excellent relevant experience and work with your in-house team to develop their skills and knowledge as the implementation progresses.

  Work with your chosen system provider to migrate legacy data. Analyse new working processes to streamline operations.

  Remove duplication and manual entry where possible. Workflow and automate online service delivery channels to service delivery teams.

  Promote mobile and agile workforce tools and practices.

  Support your organisation in the use of online team collaboration tools and practices to enable project delivery using remote working.

  Work with you to identify online e-learning training solutions to prepare your workforce to use the new solutions and processes.

  Support you through the transition, cut over and early support when your new systems are ready to go-live.

  Help you to understand the business as usual change management and control processes which will be necessary to support the continuous improvement of your new systems, processes and services.

If you are interested in discussing how we can help you please get in touch.

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07966 862947
07976 454778

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07966 862947
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