Smart thinking to help you join the dots…

What we do…

Quite Laterally offer programme or project team services, to provide joined-up thinking for your business and digital transformation objectives.

All too often programmes are made up of projects operating independently or with minimal joined-up technical and business process design. It is of course necessary to plan each project in detail, but you also need to think laterally across the projects and whole programme to join the dots.

We offer a range of options to enable you to deliver your objectives in a way that best suits your organisation and budget. We offer a tailored approach to provide the most appropriate level of support for your programme to be delivered quickly and in the most cost-effective way.

We’re happy to help with not only the large-scale transformation programmes, but also the smaller more focussed projects, that add-up to deliver your broader business development plans.

What makes us different?

Helping your systems to run smoothly and efficiently
 Our Philosophy is Different

We want you to succeed in your business development plans as much as you do. We value long term trusting relationships with our clients above all. 

 Our People Are Different

Our team is made up of people who share the same passion and determination to make sure that we deliver what you set out to achieve.

 Our Approach is Different

Business objectives often benefit from being more clearly defined in detail. Helping you to define this enables us to deliver what you wanted not just what you asked for. They can be very different things.

A frequent frustration is suppliers who ‘pass the buck’ from one to another leaving the client to understand the issue and try to resolve it.

Conversely, we take the pain out of this by managing the delivery from external suppliers to make sure you are getting the right services and value from your contractors.

 Our Expertise Runs Across
All Areas of Your Business

Our team have expertise across a broad range of business areas. We have considerable experience in both public and private sector organisations both running operational departments and delivering transformational change programmes.

Areas We Work In

Helping Your Systems To Run Smoothly And Efficiently
Digital Transformation

Giving you a strategy and roadmap to transform all of your services and operations.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Ensuring that the system does all the hard work instead of duplication and manual entry.

Social Care

Providing significant efficiency improvements and operational cost reductions.

Social Care
Finance Systems

Delivering substantial cost savings with better integration of your finance system.

Where We Work

And How We Make A Difference
 In The Public Sector

We specialise in business and digital transformation and joining the dots between Social Care, Social Care finance, Corporate Finance, HR and Payroll (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning) and Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM).

 In The Private Sector

There are a more diverse range of projects and programmes in the private sector but typically we deliver programmes that ensure you have alignment with your client facing service delivery channels, operational teams and back office services.

How We Work

We offer a complete suite of services to cover every aspect of a project. These services can include:
Pre-Market Engagement

Making sure you know what’s available in the market


Evaluating the options to proceed with

Market Assessment

Evaluating the various suppliers.

Business Case

Evaluating the costs and benefits of your project.

Requirements Gathering

Ensuring the solution is the best fit for the needs.

Invitation to Tender

Understand the available market options.

If you are interested in discussing how we can help you please get in touch.
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07966 862947
07976 454778

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07966 862947
07976 454778

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